Kingston Statement:
Child’s voice is at the centre, we provide a listening EAR.


At Kingston nursery we are a family-centred Early Years nursery. We pride ourselves on providing a culture that supports the voice, of the child, voice of the parent and the voice of our experienced and knowledgeable staff team.

Education: Teaching and learning is the foundation of what we do.
Accessible: We provide a welcoming, loving and caring environment, that is inclusive and diverse.
Relationships: In line with international pedagogy practice and research, children are cared for by caring and loving staff. We work in full partnership with parents. Staff work as a team and are dedicated educators.


At Kingston nursery we set out to make sure that your child is a good citizen of the community and this reflects the pride that we take in our setting. We do this by providing a range of quality activities and experiences. We invest in every staff member’s personal and professional development. At Kingston nursery we make sure that we provide a value for money service for parents.


At Kingston Nursery we aim to establish relationships with the community. We hope to develop citizens of the future, via our unique teaching and learning curriculum. We are aware that we are growing children of the future and parents have invested into the nursery.